Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday 03.02.09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


What a week!! It absolutely flew by and I am in utter disbelief that March is already upon us. Here's a short list of a few things I did NOT do in the tornado of a week that just ushered in the end of February.

*I did NOT continue to play dumb when the boys went searching high and low for the Valentine's Day candy they just *knew* they left "right there on the counter." If you put something somewhere, it wouldn't disappear, would it?

*I did NOT let Micah blame Cade for taking a few of his dollar bills, when it was actually "someone-who-shall-remain-nameless" who really needed to feed his/her Sonic vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper addiction and didn't want to mess with using a debit card to pay for an $0.80 drink (Sonic Happy Hour is half-price drinks everyday from 2:00-4:00! Not that I would know anything about that...)

*I did NOT even consider blowing my low-cal eating plan for another week, after falling off the wagon for several, ahem, days already. I have WAY more willpower than that! Beyond considering, I did NOT actually blow it. Out of the water blow it. Back to square one blow it. NO WAY.

*I did NOT loan my "girly" deoderant to my husband over the weekend when he discovered he forgot to pack his own on our trip to west Texas. And, if this had happened, I most certainly would NOT laugh hysterically at the thought of him smelling like Dove rather than Right Guard. That would be just plain mean. So I didn't do it.


  1. great not me monday my mom was on a low cal diet and lost 7 stone but it was tough for her

  2. I would also like to invite you to take part in my new post called Tell a joke Tuesday. you can either tell a joke or a funny story that has happend to you or a friend ths week. it has mr linky so the world can view your joke or story. I hope you will take part

  3. You are a riot! I love reading these "not me's" from you!

  4. I bet he smelled just lovely! lol.

  5. Hilarious! I'll be visiting again soon because I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine today.


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