Thursday, February 19, 2009

And I get to keep my life

As I was watching AI last night, which boiled down to about 13 minutes of my night since I fast forwarded through all the judges superfluous comments and the endless waiting to add SOME DRAMA, I told J. that if Tatiana made the top 12 over Danny, then I might just slit my wrists.

OK, that may sound a tad dramatic, but I really don't think it's any comparison to Tatiana's hysterical displays.

Thankfully, America came through for me and put Danny in the Top 12. So today I live! BUT... if the judges pick her as a wild card spot, I'll retract my suicide pact, but may have to stick hot pokers in my eyes and ears just to gain some relief from her "performances."

In other news, my little rock star Cade is preparing for his future AI audition. Check it out below!


  1. I don't watch AI but the rest of America does. I do like Survivor, like isnt strong enough. I would marry survivor if I could.

    Over from SITS.

  2. He is a natural. I haven't watched AI since Carrie Underwood won, and the reason I watched it then is because she is a local. We also went to the same University at the same time.

    I am having a Week of giveaways if you would like to come enter them. There are 4 posted so far and 3 more to come.

  3. He is so handsome! Future husband for Baylor?!?

  4. @Michelle- I know there are tons of Survivor die-hards, but I don't usually watch it. A girl has to have SOME reality TV boundaries, right? Lots of my family members really get into it, though

    @Margaret- Thanks for the compliment! You know, there have been a couple of seasons of AI that were complete snooze-fests, but I think this year will be a good one!

    @Penny- I'm TOTALLY FOR arranged marriages. Let's set something up this summer @ YEC maybe. ;)

  5. OH my goodness...I never thought of Tatiana as a Wild Card. I don't think I would be ok with that.

    Your little guy is SO cute! Keep him never know.....

  6. That is awesome!! Can't wait for that season. And I love to fast forward through AI too... passing all the commercials and extra 'fluff'.


  7. Hi there! Visiting from SITS and just wanted to let you know that your Cade is precious! I also have a Cade, so I'm pretty partial to all Cades in general. :o)

    I'm in TX, too and sounds like we have lots in common...especially with the never ending amount of laundry. ha ha

  8. I didn't want to track down Wenda without leaving a comment somewhere on your great blog! I cannot tell you how much i miss getting shows like AI. We do get Survivor (only a day late!) but no AI and worse: no Amazing Race. *sob*


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