Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World Wide Web Wednesday

I've been thinking about doing a weekly post to share some of my favorite links, so no time like the present to start, right?

Real Style Real People is one of my new favorite blogs! I love how she takes a celeb look and breaks it down for us broke folks.

And supposedly a HUGE spoiler for The Bachelor!! **Disclaimer** I haven't watched this for myself YET, but I'm on my way over. It's supposed to be MAJOR! Click/read/watch at your own risk!

ETA: If you can't get to Reality Steve (I think the site has crashed from too many hits!), here are the YouTube clips:


  1. Ugh! The link to the Bachelor doesn't work!!! I have to know!!!

    Dropping by from SITS, and I'll have to stop by again to see if the link works!

  2. ugghh I went and read that earlier. Completely heart broken over it.
    I just can't believe it is real in my heart, althoughh everyhting points to it being REALLY real.
    I love Melissa and can't believe that could really happen to such a nice girl!!
    It makes me not like Jason. He was my fav over Jesse for DeAnna. Just awful!
    My heart breaks for Mel!!

  3. awwww thank you- you are so kind!!!


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