Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A most pressing decision of Earth-shattering porportions

As I sit here this evening avoiding household chores and generally wasting time, I have come face to face with a most gripping situation. A situation so dire, my final decision will involve a tremendous amount of resolve and commitment.

Do I continue to invest my time, energy and emotions weekly to American Idol now that the four judges have put TATIANA DEL TORO into the top 36?? Seriously Simon, Randy, Paula, and Kara? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Many American Idol sins have been committed in the past, but most can be forgiven. Sanjaya. Amanda Whats-her-name from Season 7. Sanjaya's hair.

But THIS? Cannot be easily overlooked. That girl is certifiable.

But can I NOT watch? It's a quandry. And the verdict is still out.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I am like you when it comes to Survivor! :)

  2. her laugh alone will likely kill me...

  3. Yes. I'm hoping she's first out but you know that website...votefortheworst will have her sticking around forever... UGH.

  4. I was VERY sad that our favorite pretty blond girl from Hi 5 did not make the final 36 and talked about boycotting - my husband said, "yeah right babe - like you could do that!"

  5. I know! Do they do this just to see if my blood pressure medicine is working properly? This has to be the decision of the producers, not the judges. All I can say is, at least Bikini Girl is finally gone.

  6. I haven't seen any of AI. For some reason we aren't getting the Fox station anymore :-(

  7. @Michelle- Thanks for the return favor! WIth reality TV it's hard to look away once you get sucked in, huh>

    @Rachael- NO KIDDING! She HAS to stop with the shrieking.

    @Robin- I'm not sure which I hate worse- Tatiana or that website. Makes a mockery of the show. Both of them.

    @Holly (bowheads)- I've heard alot about that girl, but I don't remember which one she was. I had a couple of faves that got cut, too. :(

    @Denyse- I totally agree about bikini girl! And about the producers involvement. ONLY explanation.

    @Tiffany- You are missing out, girl! Well, if AI turns out to be a good season. They have had a couple of sleeper seasons. But you don't get House either! WAH!


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