Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Showing Off

Last night Jason created this little slideshow and posted it on our (shameless plug alert) family website www.sturgfam.com that he updates about once a year. Or when should be doing homework for seminary, but gets the hankering to dabble in some video production instead. Because we all know THAT'S what's going to get him through seminary. Forget all the book-reading, paper-writing bidness. Clearly, he's all about the priorities.

I'm not complaining about the lack of website updates because I suppose I could figure out how to do it on my own, but I'd probably crash the internets with my astounding technological creativity. I'm doing good to sync my iPhone by myself, so building and maintaining websites is not something I have listed on my 100 Things To Do Before I Die list.

Anyway, it's a cute little slideshow proudly featuring our little angels. Check it out! And leave me some love telling me how oh-so-adorable they are!


  1. Oh my goodness! They are such cuties! I love the one with Cade at the wedding! He looks like he had enough!


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