Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bungee Jumping, Bath Tubs, and Bouffant Hair

Raise you hand if you were TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FLOORED that Jillian got booted off The Bachelor last night.
You know The Bachelor, where the "contestants" go on completely realistic dates like helicoptering over New Zealand, "acting" on real soap opera sets, and floating on Winston Churchill's old boat. And everyone falls in love with one guy and he falls in love with all the girls. And will eventually propose to one of them, even though he was hopelessly devoted to several of them only days prior. That's the stuff lasting marriages are made of, folks.

I'm not going to recap last night's episode because there are already plenty of hysterical recaps in the bloggy network. If you love The Bachelor AND love to laugh, check out BooMama's recap or head over to Lincee's HI-larious blog (no recap posted yet, but wait for it! Plus you can catch up on the other episodes in the meantime).

However, I was sad to see "Jill" go home. I loved her and her hair. Just how voluminous can one girl's hair be? I need to get my hand's on some Candian shampoo or something b/c that girl's hair had it going on. And those 2 adorable dresses she wore last night? Fantastic!

She did lose a few respect points with me when she started telling Bachelor Jason, after she didn't receive the rose in THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER, about the dream she had about him and his son and how it made her so happy. I've had some vivid dreams that made me feel pretty wild, but note to Jillian- don't say it in your outside voice immediately after you've had your heart torn into a million pieces. It just makes you seem a bit desperate and IT WASN'T REAL.

So now, raise your hand again if you think Jill will be the next Bachelorette. Unless Bachelor Jason makes the mistake of his life and chooses wide-eyed fake-smiling-all-the-time Molly instead of adorable, and full-of-spunk Melissa. Then "Mel" might have the honor. But Jill is my prediction and you heard it here first!

If you're discussing The Bachelor today, please leave me a comment with a link. I'd love to chat some more!


  1. Whoa, I know the Bachelor is all the rage, but I still can't really fathom why a woman would go on that show. I mean, when she's all macking on him, doesn't she realize that about 12 hours later he'll be macking all over another girl? Then another? THEN ANOTHER???

    Only in reality TV land is this considered "the way to meet your wife". In real life it would be called CHEATING ON THE PERSON WHO TRUSTS YOU. Uh, maybe I'm dense but why don't all the other chicks see that?

    Not that I'm knocking the Bachelor. I mean, whatever. He was in the game so he knows how it's played.

    I can just see how he must explain this to his son: "Uh, Ty, I met your mommy in Hollywood. It was kinda a blind date. except there were also 24 other women there."


  2. Wow, sorry i am missing all the drama. Guess i shouldn't be watching so much Flava Of Love. And to imagine, I met my husband in High School, then again he was the schools heartthrob so i guess there was drama then also.

  3. I too am a Bachelor fan and was surprised Jillian was let go. I am not really sure if I like either of the two other girls! I actually think they should have Stephanie (the widow) as the next Bachelorette! She left with such grace!

  4. I'm totally watching the Bachelor when they have a black guy. I think I've only watched one season of it. But I love to hear people talk about it.

  5. Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog. I LOVE cupcakes and will definitely check out your friend's blog.

  6. Thanks for stopping by.

    Love, love, love Mel. Love her. She is soo sincere, lovable, and somwhat normal (other than the whole family situation).

    I thought that it was going to be Jill that went home (as I read Lince too, and she thought it would be Mol that left).

    I don't know about the final 2 I think Mel is the best choice, but I see is growing infatuation with Mol. I just don't know. Mel is my fav, I just don't want to be disappointed.
    I unlike some of my friends am an optimist, and I want it to work out for him!

    final words....Melissa and Jason sittin in a tree.....

  7. @TM- OK, OK, the Bachelor is pretty much smut and totally UNrealistic, but it's like a trainwreck- you just can't look away!

    @Johanna- Pick up the remote and turn Flava Flave OFF! :P There's always drama right?? DOn't you live with teenagers?? I guess you get enough of it there.

    @Jen- I was a Steph Fan, too, but she was not Bachelor material. She needs a big strong Southern man!

    @Patty- It would be awesome for them to have a black bachelor! I'd be watching too!

    @Amanda- Check out my blog today if you want some MAJOR SPOILAGE!!


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