Monday, February 9, 2009

It happens

Is it ever OK to wipe your child's hand with a Clorox disinfecting wipe (bleach-free)? My answer is a resounding YES.

I know they're meant for sanitizing surfaces and might be a little abrasive to one's delicate skin, but trust me- this was one surface that needed sanitizing. Because sometimes "it" happens. And when "it" happens, desperate times call for very desperate measures. Especially when "it's" on your child's hand. And the only thing you have within arm's reach that will do "it" and justice is a Clorox wipe. All the TP in the world wasn't going to work for us last night.

Don't judge me. I put her in the tub immediately after sanitization. And she didn't appear to be any worse for the wear when she was dressed in her bum-ruffle PJs and told me, "I wan 'nuggle." Your heart would have to be made of ice to resist that! So I held her until she fell asleep, with her pudgy germ-free hands clutching her blankie.


Continuing on my fake quest to become Martha Stewart, I made "homemade" waffles for breakfast this morning. Using Bisquick. Hey, it's a step in the right direction.

To reiterate that I do not have a reputation for my culinary prowess, Micah incredulously asked "You're making HOME.MADE waffles?!?!" With extra emphasis on the "home" and "made" that typing simply can't convey. The waffles he's used to are of the Eggo variety.

I may have to continue preparing HOME.MADE waffles for breakfast because apparently HOME.MADE waffles invoke a spirit of peace and goodwill between 2 brothers who previously could not put on their respective school clothes without arguing. Micah graciously allowed Cade to sit in "his" (Micah's self-proclaimed) seat for breakfast and no one complained that one brother got the "real" (plastic) plate while the other used the last paper plate. I'm willing to bet Martha would never serve on paper or plastic! But Rome wasn't built in a day, either!


  1. Homemade Waffles!! Yum!! I am not a Chef by any stretch of the imagination!! Hubby cooks more than I do!!

    So glad you are going to join in the Valentines exchange! No worries about the Comment Spam!! I love comments even if they're from the same person!! Love your blog BTW!!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog...and for the nice comments.
    I did not design my blog template or header at all. I wish I could say that I did! I haven't figured all that stuff out along with all the reader, feeder, rss stuff. Oh man, where's my son when I need him? I have ALOT to learn yet. :)

  3. Forgot to post that here's the link to my blog template, if you wanted to see what she has to offer.

  4. Home made huh? well ,I, for one, am impressed. AND my little guy had "it" on his hand just last week (not a good wiper)and I WISH I had a clorox wipe!!!

  5. hey, when it strikes, you gotta use what you gotta use!

    thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love the 22 words blog! I also enjoy reading his wife's's linked on his site. I have both coming to my email daily :)

    I hear you're working on couch to 5K, and I'm thinking of starting that with a friend. Would love to hear how it's going!

    Have a great day! Amy

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a definite believer in Clorox wipes!

  8. @Jen- Can't wait for the exchange! Fab idea.

    @lisalyn- Thanks for the link!! And for stopping by!

    @Christina Lee- There's no lack of disgusting moments with kids, huh? :)

    @Rachael- Being a mom is all about resourcefulness. Thanks for helping me feel better about it. And thanks for the return visit!

    @Amy- Please consider me completely unoriginal. :) I should have known you would know about 22 words! I just stumbled on it a couple of weeks ago- quite a contrast to his father's verbosity, huh?

    @ Laura- I agree- I can clean my whole bathroom with those things. Maybe not the most environmentally friendly idea, but it gets the job done quickly, right? Thanks for the return visit!

  9. So now that you have HOME.MADE waffles perfected, I'll be happy to send you the recipe for tuna fish gravy. It goes great with HOME.MADE waffles...I'm just sayin'...

  10. @Denyse- I'm not convinced about the tuna fish gravy. If there are 3 culinary words that shouldn't be used together, I'm pretty sure "tuna," "gravy," and "waffles" would be those three.


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